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Rewards, Cashback & Points

We, at Paisa Bachat, credit rewards, cashback & points to our users to encourage them shop online and connect with our online shopping community. Here is the quick guide:

Points: 1 Rupee= 100 Points

Cashback: 1 Rupee= 1 PB Cashback

Points are generally credited for user’s activity such as submitting deals & offers, online community upvoting for user’s submitted deal, referring a friend etc. After a user reaches 1000 points, one can request for points withdrawal.

Cashback points are credited to user’s for purchasing online at our partnered merchants & e-stores. After the user’s make a successful purchase at our partnered website, and we receives the confirmation from the merchant, we credit PB Cashback in user’s wallet. Initially, it will be credited as Pending Cashback in user’s wallet. Once the merchant confirms the successful qualifying transaction, we will approve the cashback and the balance will appear as Approved Cashback in user’s wallet. Generally, it takes from 60 days to 90 days maximum, but sometimes can take more time for the merchant confirmation.

We, at Paisa Bachat, offers user’s to withdraw their points, rewards & cashback via various modes including Bank Transfer, Paytm, Gift Voucher, Recharges or Bill Payments etc. Meanwhile, user’s should note that some of our partnered merchants don’t allow direct cashback in Paytm or Bank Transfer, and, in such cases one can claim their cashback in form of Branded Gift Vouchers.

We always strive to credit highest cashback rewards to our users, but meanwhile, user’s should understand that all the transaction been made by him/her are not with us, but with the online merchant & e-stores. We don’t have direct involvement and shall not be liable or responsible for the below reasons:

  • Online merchants can vary the commission from time to time, which will directly effect on cashback credited to your wallet. We shall not be liable for the difference in expected cashback value and actual cashback value credited to user’s wallet.
  • If  the merchant fails to register the sale either due to some technical error or fault and some other fault or doesn’t approve a transaction as successful qualifying transaction.
  • If user have Ad-Block enabled, or have disabled JavaScript or cookies, or required technology is unable to execute in usual manner.
  • If user has visited any other affiliate websites or made purchases through their affiliate links.


Please note that the content and services offered at Paisa Bachat platform, including but not limited to, Website, Mobile Application, our Social Media platform can change from time to time. We will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or harm caused to you due to such changes on our platform.


Paisa Bachat is a user-driven online shopping deal & coupon platform, where online communities are encouraged to share their ideas, great deals, exclusive coupons & amazing offers. If anyone encounter any issue on our platform, then he/she can report us at admin@paisabachat.in. Meanwhile, by submitting any content on our website, you agree you will not post, upload or otherwise transmit any false user content which violates rights of other, including any false statements which may defame, stalk, harass or harm others or harm the reputation of Paisa Bachat or partnered brands or merchants. You should note that defamation is a criminal offence under Indian Penal Code, and, if such false posts or content are written with the intention to defame Paisa Bachat or our partnered brands or merchants, then legal action might be taken and you will be liable for your action.

Content Moderation

User’s may not use our services to distribute or publish any information (including software or other content) which is illegal, which violates or defame or infringes upon the rights of another individual or organization, which is hateful, defamatory, profane, abusive, threatening, pornographic or vulgar, which contains errors, viruses or other harmful components, or that is otherwise actionable at law of Republic of India.

Intellectual Property

All the texts, photographs, graphics, music, videos, icons, trademarks, patents, design, domain names, slogan, source-code, object-code, user-interface, proprietary computer programs or software, hardware etc. (collectively “Content, Products & Services”) are the property of Paisa Bachat. You are not permitted to copy, distribute, sell, modify, resell, reproduce, redistribute, perform, broadcast, display, frame, publish, transfer, or otherwise use in whole or in part any content, products or service including without limitation our website, mobile applications, our all Social Media accounts or use any such Intellectual property in any manner without the prior permission of Paisa Bachat.

Meanwhile, Paisa Bachat is also community driven online shopping deal platform, there’s also possibilities that user’s might post or share content covered under intellectual property rights, even after our best possible efforts to prevent such cases. In case if you discover us violating any intellectual property rights, please write to us at admin@paisabachat.in and we’ll delete or remove such content or topic from our website and we’ll revert back to you within maximum 24 business hours.

Offers & Coupons

Since we are community-driven website, we advise you to take every reasonable effort to check the authenticity of such deals & coupons before using them. Paisa Bachat will not be responsible for any loss, claim or damage arising from such deals & coupons.

Notification of Infringement

Notifications regarding any alleged intellectual property infringement should be directed to admin@paisabachat.in. We’ll revert back to the complaint within maximum 24 business hours.

Force Majeure Event

Force Majeure Events are those events on which we do not have reasonable control and shall include, without limitation, fire, flood, sabotage, electronic or mechanical equipment failure, explosion, acts of God, riots, war, civil commotion, strikes, acts of Government, insurrection, Computer Hacking, unauthorized access to your mobile, laptop or storage devices, security, firewall breaches or any other such causes. Paisa Bachat will not be liable or responsible to provide you access to our services (Our Website or Mobile Application), or, for any loss or liability resulting directly or indirectly from such delays or interruptions.

Governing Law

The terms of this “Terms of Use” agreement are exclusively based on and in accordance with the laws of Republic of India. You hereby irrevocably consent to the sole and exclusive jurisdiction and venue of courts in Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh, IN) in all disputes arising out of or relating to the use of this platform, whether website and/or our mobile application.


We, at Paisa Bachat, always strike to keep our user’s data safe & secure from unauthorized access or unauthorized disclosure, alteration or destruction. But, one should understand that there’s nothing called perfect security in our e-World. We are not responsible for any data loss due to security breaches or unauthorized access from third party actions. If any security breaches are discovered, please write to us at admin@paisabachat.in so that we can fix such issues. For more information, please visit and carefully understand our Privacy Policy.

Termination or Suspension

Paisa Bachat reserves the rights to terminate, suspend, restrict, limit your account and access to our website, at any time, on its own discretion with or without cause, and with or without any prior notice for any violation of ‘Terms Of Use’, or else, if found breaching our platform’s Terms & Condition as written on ‘Terms Of Use’. Causes for termination or access limitation may include , but shall not be limited to requests by Government Bodies & Organization, enforcement and possible legal liabilities, infringing intellectual rights of any third party, or anything which is acting inconsistent with our policies & terms.

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