Safety Tips & Guidelines for Online Community

  • You should take reasonable steps to secure your password and keep it confidential & secure.
  • Always keep your password at-least 8 digits longs which includes combination of uppercase, lowercase, numeric & special characters.
  • Keep changing your password every month at-least as a safe practice.
  • Before accessing our website, or any website in general, do check ‘HTTPS’ appears before the website name. HTTPS in simple words make your information secured and encrypted.
  • Never share your user id, password or your personal or financial information to anyone or to our online community member.
  • Prefer virtual debit or credit card while shopping on our platform or any e-Commerce platform to secure your transaction and keep your card details more safe & secure from hackers.
  • Prefer using alternate mail id while visiting survey websites or registering on third-party websites for freebies and goodies. Meanwhile, you can share your personal mail ID with us, don’t worry we never spam and follow industry’s best practices.

Ultimately, you are solely responsible for your account and keeping it secure from spammers, hackers & fraud people. Be responsible, alert & secure. If discover something wrong, immediately write to us:

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